First Sign® Early Intervention

Introducing a First-of-its-Kind Early Intervention System

Benchmark understands that both new and seasoned officer careers have been jeopardized — even ended — because behavior in need of improvement had not been identified and corrected early enough to keep off-track officers out of harm’s way . . . and put on a path that gets them back on track. First Sign is preventative by design: we know that intervention based upon simple, threshold-based triggers is not the right strategy — context, patterns of problematic behavior and officer history are what matter.

Why First Sign Works Better

Leverages the work we do in BMS to capture the data most important to officer performance and behavior — supported by research into the relationships between critical data variables Takes into account total productivity relative to signs that an officer may be engaging in problematic behavior . . . which can result in fewer false positives
Proactively notifies you at the “first signs” of a real need to intervene and help get an off-track officer back on track Transforms risk management in policing by significantly reducing your exposure to rising liability costs

With First Sign, there is no need for you to constantly query the system to understand when a real problem exists . . . no need to worry about when to intervene to make the most positive impact . . . and no need to be concerned that you are in compliance with your agency policies and collective bargaining agreement.

How First Sign Works . . . Your 24/7 Analytic Machine

First Sign instantly analyzes cumulative officer data collected on an ongoing basis. It allows supervisors and commanders to review and compare data for individual officers, units — even watches. Additionally, they can assign intervention actions for problematic behavior in need of correction . . . as well as make recommendations for exceptional performance deserving of recognition.

All your officer data in one system.

What’s more, First Sign is designed to allow police department administrators, supervisors and commanders to review data, analyses and progress over designated periods of time . . . from a week or several months, to a year or more.

Beyond Simple Trigger Systems

What’s important to understand is that most other early intervention systems available today for police departments:

  • Utilize simple, threshold-based triggers that flag behavior that doesn’t necessarily signal a real problem requiring intervention
  • Include review processes that are not only unnecessary and time consuming — but can be extremely demoralizing to police officers doing a good job
  • Feature systems that don’t have the sophistication or research backing to differentiate what data truly points to problematic conduct

First Sign is supported by evidenced-based research and sophisticated, advanced analytics to provide you with a more proactive, preventative and powerful early intervention system.

First Sign Gets Smarter and More Efficient Over Time

As a Benchmark partner, you essentially become a member of our research and development team. The First Sign platform evolves and gets smarter over time as we uncover new insights, lessons learned, innovative practices and technical advancements from our research consortium, technology group and collective partner base.

Benchmark is committed to sharing information and incorporating enhancements to ensure the First Sign analytic tool continues to optimize risk management and reduce your exposure to rising liability costs — for your department and the officers on your team.

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