BMS | Benchmark Management System®

At Last . . . A Police Force Management Tool That Does It All

Benchmark Management System is a comprehensive, top-to-bottom software platform – featuring seven analytics-driven, integrated management modules to choose from – designed to capture all of the day-to-day operational data points in one location. There’s no need to buy separate programs such as Use of Force, Internal Affairs and Performance Evaluation. BMS is truly your single-source solution:

  • Scalable and configurable to address the specific requirements, policies, goals and mission of your department
  • Can be designed to integrate with your existing systems to collect all performance and personnel data in one centralized repository
  • Provides a 360° holistic view of your police force to ensure the integrity and safety of all officers, units and supervisors

Our Proprietary, Seven-Module 360° Lens

As an all-encompassing, fully automated management tool, BMS features seven integrated modules — essential for capturing critical data and departmental reports to facilitate proactive police force management and preventative early intervention. What’s more, BMS is 100% secure, easy to navigate and simple for your officers and staff to enter all required data and chain-of-command reviews — using our sophisticated reporting engine.

Our Proprietary, Seven-Module 360° Lens


The BMS Training module highlights include:

  • Manages and documents a complete, up-to-date training history for every officer — in compliance with Police Officer Standards and Training (POST) guidelines and POST-related training requirements by state
  • Facilitates police academy instruction and Field Training Officer (FTO) training
  • Delivers video-based and document-generated training materials — along with full training transcripts
  • Manages all firearm qualifications — including notifications of expiration dates for compliance and follow-up checkpoints
  • Offers research-based training programs that help officers identify, understand and address any opportunities to improve their performance

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The BMS Activity module highlights include:

  • Tracks and analyzes daily on-duty activities such as traffic and pedestrian stops, field interviews, parking and administrative notices, discretionary charges — as well as misdemeanor and felony arrests
  • Integrates with your existing RMS and CAD systems with advanced analytics to help better understand and evaluate officer activity across your department
  • Allows for instant review of activity over a specific period of time by individual officer . . . along with comparison graphs featuring watch/unit and department averages

Use of Force

The BMS Use of Force module highlights include:

  • Provides a true wizard-like system that guides an officer through all of the important issues necessary for documenting force — only asking questions relative to type and context of force used
  • Collects and organizes routine information for any incident involving use of force — officer/subject data, location, date and time, weather conditions, etc.
  • Records type of force applied . . . e.g., vehicle pursuit, physical action, OC spray, impact weapon, ECW discharge, firearm usage
  • Documents interactions involved with an incident — warnings, use-of-force sequence, charges, resisting arrest, injuries, etc.
  • Captures a detailed description of an incident, narrative reports and subject statements
  • Delivers a system that seamlessly streamlines and simplifies the way you are used to operating in a fully automated fashion

Internal Affairs

The BMS Internal Affairs module highlights include:

  • Delivers a comprehensive, easy-to-use IA case management system with fully automated workflow design
  • Captures all incident data points, case notes, victim and witness interviews, injuries, arrests, warrantless searches, agency policy violations, evidence, etc. in one security-protected location
  • Manages concurrence reporting, reviews, approvals and input — up and down the chain of command
  • Ensures officers under allegation are notified in a timely manner of overall findings, final disposition and recommended actions of an investigation
  • Features a complainant feedback tool that documents receipt of complaints and allegations, investigative team assignment and notification of final adjudication

Community Engagement

The BMS Community Engagement module highlights include:

  • Tracks the time and effort officers and department members spend engaging with the community they serve — such as public meetings and events, school visits, local business interactions, etc.
  • Facilitates collaboration and provides tools to ensure your department is as responsive as it can be on community-based issues and activities
  • Records positive and/or negative community feedback — along with follow-up courses of action
  • Documents citizen letters of recognition and supervisor acknowledgements . . . as well as fully automates your department’s awards

Performance Evaluation

The BMS Performance Evaluation module highlights include:

  • Enables you to fully automate your existing performance evaluation form set — or configure to work with the established parameters of the BMS-designed system
  • Allows assigned supervisors to review all information, score officers on designated performance fields and provide any other observations necessary to make an informed evaluation in one location
  • Features an exception-based workflow option that flags numeric evaluation scores below acceptable rankings — and differentially routes form to proper parties or departments for further actions, training and/or interventions
  • Manages all scheduling, chain-of-command review functions and follow-up action plan for officers upon completion of evaluation

Officer Profile

The BMS Officer Profile module highlights include:

  • Manages and updates all officer information . . . e.g., personal data, emergency contact information, appointment date, unit assignment history, equipment and weapons management, external employment, etc.
  • Records all disciplinary actions, lawsuits, line-of-duty injuries — along with commendations, awards and advancements
  • Provides a single dashboard view of all BMS modules in one place — making it easy to retrieve, review and analyze any information of interest

Our Dynamic Reporting Dashboard for Data Retrieval and Review

BMS features an instant-access dashboard that is easy to view and navigate. It provides detailed information for every data element in your configured platform. Each element featured on the BMS dashboard provides valuable intelligence — including:

  • Incident-based data for individual
  • Comparative stats for every
  • Data analyses for your entire

Additionally, BMS is designed to allow police department administrators, supervisors and commanders to review data, analyses and progress over designated periods of time . . . from a week or several months, to a year or more. Furthermore, through the advanced analytics built into BMS, it gets smarter over time — uncovering new insights that will help evolve your department to make it even more efficient and effective.


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