BMS | Benchmark Management System®

At Last . . . A Police Force Management Tool That Does It All

Benchmark Management System is a comprehensive, top-to-bottom software platform – featuring seven analytics-driven, integrated management modules to choose from – designed to capture all of the day-to-day operational data points in one location. There’s no need to buy separate programs such as Use of Force, Internal Affairs and Performance Evaluation. BMS is truly your single-source solution:

  • Scalable and configurable to address the specific requirements, policies, goals and mission of your department
  • Can be designed to integrate with your existing systems to collect all performance and personnel data in one centralized repository
  • Provides a holistic view of your police force to ensure the integrity and safety of all officers, units and supervisors

Our Holistic, Seven-Module Management Lens

The proprietary Benchmark Management System features seven integrated modules — essential for capturing critical performance data, facilitating proactive police force management and generating ad hoc departmental reports. What’s more, BMS is easy to navigate and simple for your officers and staff to enter all required data, chain-of-command reviews and more.

Our Holistic, Seven-Module Management Lens


  • Administer a full Learning Management System, including:
    • Academy tracking
    • Field Training program
    • In-service and ongoing certifications
    • Firearms qualification
  • Create unique training programs targeted to specific groups of officers
  • Manage Certifications — including historical and future courses
  • Approve and process officer training requests
  • Calendar courses in application and via Outlook, Google and/or Apple
  • Alert/deliver announcements for upcoming trainings and re-certifications
  • Offer training content in a wide variety of formats, including:
    • SCORM, external link, uploaded documents, video course, live and virtual events, programs (series of individual courses)
  • Manage/publish department policies, procedures and general orders
  • Complete and track Daily Observation Reports (DORs) across fully customizable skills, abilities and competencies

Learn about our Training Management System



  • Track and analyze daily on-duty activities, including:
    • Traffic and pedestrian stops
    • Field interviews
    • Parking and administrative notices
    • Discretionary charges
    • Misdemeanor and felony arrests
  • Integrate with existing RMS and CAD systems with advanced analytics to help better understand and evaluate officer activity across your department
  • Access instant review of activity over a specific period of time by individual officer
  • Create comparison graphs featuring watch/unit and department averages

Use of Force

  • Engage with an intuitive layout through configurable field labels, verbiage, and drop-down values
  • Track and manage multiple event types, including:
    • Use of force (configurable to in-custody vs. patrol settings)
    • Vehicle pursuit
    • Traffic crash involving officer
  • Capture various types of force, including:
    • Firearm
    • Taser
    • Chemical
    • Impact weapon
    • Canine deployment
  • Track de-escalation processes and attempts — as well as display of weapon
  • Report on force encountered and force utilized, leading to proportionality of force analysis
  • Alert supervisors to use-of-force concerns via early intervention system

Internal Affairs

  • Access a full Internal Affairs case management platform, including:
    • Allegation intake
    • Investigation
    • Evidence management
    • Concurrence reporting
  • Track a variety of complaints, including:
    • Injuries to subjects in custody
    • Warrantless searches
    • Criminal investigation involving employee
    • Arrest of employee
    • Interview/interrogation in violation of policy
    • Lost/theft of agency property
    • Civil/administrative complaints
    • Civil lawsuit activity from employee duties
    • Protective/restraint order(s) issued against an employee
  • View full allegation history
  • Manage and report on minor discipline scenarios
  • Upload and manage evidence of all electronic types (including video)
  • Alert supervisors to complaint concerns via early intervention system

Community Engagement

  • Intake, store and report on community member concerns
  • Configure supervisory review and track activities on concerns
  • Track engagement with community via a community member database
  • Identify and report on community members and associated incidents
  • Capture community event rosters
  • Provide a detailed database for interactions with the community
  • Capture and track positive interactions including:
    • Supervisor acknowledgements
    • Department awards
    • Letters of commendation

Performance Evaluation

  • Automate department form sets based on job type
  • Configure unique skills, abilities and scoring mechanisms based on. existing evaluations
  • Schedule and customize the sequence of follow-up actions based on employee score
  • Provide exception reporting and routing of evaluations that fall below a department-set threshold
  • Process all evaluations through a permission- and role-based review and approval process
  • Assign evaluations to supervisors based on individual officers and/or groups of officers

Officer Profile

  • Manage and track employment-related details, including:
    • Date of appointment, employee photo and
      emergency contact
    • Demographic information
    • Unit of assignment (current/historical)
  • Store document library for sensitive employee material, including:
    • Fingerprints and driver’s licenses
    • Equipment qualifications
    • Certifications
  • Record employee-issued equipment of all types (firearm, radio, etc.)
  • View all reports mentioning employee in one central place
  • Configure customized employee sections such as disciplinary history, line-of-duty injuries, external employment, etc.

Our Dynamic Reporting Dashboard for Data Retrieval and Review

BMS features an instant-access dashboard that is easy to view and navigate. It provides detailed information for every data element in your configured platform. Each element featured on the BMS dashboard provides valuable intelligence — including:

  • Incident-based data for individual
  • Comparative stats for every
  • Data analyses for your entire

Additionally, BMS is designed to allow police department administrators, supervisors and commanders to review data, analyses and progress over designated periods of time . . . from a week or several months, to a year or more. Furthermore, through the advanced analytics built into BMS, it gets smarter over time — uncovering new insights that will help evolve your department to make it even more efficient and effective.


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