Activating Data Science to Elevate Policing Outcomes

Benchmark Risk Solutions®

Predict Risk Levels


Measure Program Effectiveness

Benchmark Risk Solutions®

Engage Evidence-Based Loss Control Practices

Improve Safety and Well-Being

We Help Risk Pool Members Manage Unprecedented Risk Challenges in Policing

What if you could reduce law enforcement
loss costs by up to 60%?

Benchmark Analytics® has a proven methodology to make it happen.

Benchmark was founded on a mission to help leaders elevate policing in America through applied data science. We understand the critical need for a novel approach to help agency and municipal leaders navigate today’s changing landscape — which may be the most consequential period in American law enforcement history.

Our innovative solution harnesses advanced data analytics and deep law enforcement expertise to help pools and their members measurably improve the well-being and safety of officers, agencies and the communities they serve.

Benchmark Risk Solutions® helps risk pools advance to more evidence-based law enforcement risk management, so that:

the likelihood of future claims and the key contributing factors for each pool member

and statistically measure the effectiveness of loss control practices

a compelling engagement model proven to inspire engagement and adoption

iMPACT® Enables Risk Managers to Create a
Tailored Risk Plan for Each Member

Benchmark has developed a groundbreaking program for insurance risk pools and their law enforcement members created to address primary areas of risk in policing:

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Our Common Goal:

Reduce the frequency, severity and overall loss costs of your law enforcement claims up to 60% — by developing a risk-reduction plan for every member agency in your pool. iMPACT is a proven, evidence-based program for significantly decreasing risk pool cost strains and the financial burdens on municipal budgets.

And for the greater good . . . our advanced solution identifies best-in-class peer agency practices statistically shown to keep officers healthier and out of harm’s way — a winning proposition for all stakeholders.

How We Collaborate:

A Benchmark data science team is assigned to work in a close, collegial relationship with your data analytic and law enforcement experts to tune our AI/ML-based predictive risk models to your unique pool’s claims experience. Tuned risk models are then deployed on a self-service risk visualization platform that enables both technical and non-technical risk managers to understand key risk factors and trends, and identify evidence-based practices proven to mitigate these risks.

Our team draws upon the world’s largest longitudinal, multi-jurisdiction database on police officer performance with over 20 million records and a research consortium led by our partner, the University of Chicago — providing cutting-edge analytic capabilities and sophisticated predictive modeling expertise to facilitate our work together.

Learn About the iMPACT Approach for Helping Risk Pools and
Members Navigate Today’s Rapidly Changing Policing Environment