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Benchmark Risk Solutions™ can help you make it happen. Our transformative product suite sets the standard for risk management in policing today through:

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Risk Analytics
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Predictive Modeling
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Proven Loss-Control Interventions

At this critical time of escalating law enforcement-related incidents, rising settlement costs and higher insurance premiums, Benchmark Risk Solutions enables you to mitigate risk and improve outcomes. Our innovative approach:

Proactively assesses your law enforcement-related risk.
Identifies interventions to mitigate underlying risk drivers.
Identifies interventions to mitigate underlying risk drivers.

No matter how you structure your risk transfer strategy, Benchmark has a solution configurable to meet your needs, improve outcomes and achieve greater financial stability for the communities you serve.

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Advance Your Risk Analysis and Loss Control Program with iMPACT

With law enforcement-related risk, there have been no solutions to proactively identify and segment agency risk levels — until now. With Benchmark Risk Solutions, risk management professionals can prioritize loss control efforts to areas of highest risk and measure the costs/benefits of the programs they implement.

iMPACT provides data-driven analytics — enabling recommendations and loss control actions to stem rising law enforcement loss costs. Here’s how it works:

We help build and normalize exposure data to “benchmark” historical and ongoing loss performance vs. peer cities from our data-sharing consortium.
We build and tune predictive models to assess each police agency’s risk level and contributing factors.
We partner with you to identify loss control tactics responsive to risk factors by systemically tracking and quantifying implementation impact.

How iMPACT Elevates Law Enforcement Risk Management

Enhanced Business Intelligence and Benchmarking

  • Offers Best Practice Sharing — highlighting agencies whose normalized loss metrics are lower than their peers enabling identification/sharing of practices
  • Enables Loss Control Resource Prioritization — identifying agencies whose normalized loss metrics are higher than their peers or trending that way
  • Features Trend Analysis — monitoring key trends over time

Risk Prediction and Segmentation

  • Quantifies each agency’s law enforcement risk level and identifies what proactive factors are driving it

Loss Control Tracking and Quantification

  • Measures the effectiveness and cost benefit of each intervention over time

We also offer a comparable, custom-tailored product for self-insured municipalities — RiskShield™ from Benchmark Risk Solutions.

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The Benchmark Risk Solutions platform provides an overview of risk exposure by coverage type, tracks loss
control status/effectiveness, features recommended actions — much more.


Government Roots.
Police Agency Engagement.
Risk Management Expertise.

At Benchmark Analytics®, we are public safety practitioners who understand that data is only as powerful as its ability to impact decision-making. Everything we do is designed to empower users of our data to make better decisions to elevate the standards of policing in America.

The Benchmark team has deep roots in developing highly sophisticated, analytically driven software solutions. Our distinguished thought leaders are grounded in law enforcement, data science and insurance risk management. We take pride in our commitment to research in action.

Furthermore, we know police force management from the ground up. Police agency administration, practices and procedures are the foundation of our business. Working with agencies to advance transparency and trust in policing is our daily mission — and it’s what we do better than anyone else.

We Are Committed to Excellence in Policing at All Levels

In addition to serving the Risk Management marketplace, we also partner with statewide public safety bodies to address State Regulatory needs — including legislatively driven police reform bills, mandates and guidelines. At the Municipal and County levels, we offer the only research-driven, data-analytics approach for single-source police force management, early intervention and officer support.

Finally, our entire ecosystem enables
compliance with the recommendations
and best practices of the top regulatory
agencies in America — the Commission
on Accreditation for Law Enforcement
Agencies (CALEA), International
Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP)
and the Department of Justice (DOJ).

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