Elevating Agency Performance, One State at a Time

Benchmark Analytics® understands and respects the national dialogue on police reform and the sincere commitments that state-level agencies across the country are making to use-of-force tracking and reporting — as well as early intervention, training, education and accreditation requirements.

There’s never been a more critical mandate for change. Enlist the help of Benchmark to answer the calls for transparency and accountability — and discover the power of research and advanced analytics for an evidence-based approach to police force management.

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Police Reform in Action

New Jersey State Logo New Jersey State Logo
State of New Jersey

In response to the Attorney General’s Excellence in Policing Initiative announced in 2019, Benchmark partnered with the Office of the AG and the state of New Jersey to create a first-in-the-nation statewide Use-of-Force Reporting Portal. This web-based portal is designed to track detailed and standardized information as a tool for analyzing use-of-force trends, including identifying racial disparities.

“…We will take further steps to build
upon our progress and deepen the well
of trust in our communities, including the
first update of our use-of-force policies
in two decades.”

New Jersey Governor
Phil Murphy

“We are committed to making New Jersey
a national leader in policing reform…”

Ex-New Jersey Attorney General
Gurbir Grewal

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Tracking Officer Training and Certification

State of Colorado

In partnership with the Office of the Attorney General Department of Law, Benchmark was selected to be the provider of record for Colorado POST’s agency training and certification management system.

Specifically, we are responsible for implementing a new Learning Management System (LMS) to track the employment, training and certification of Colorado’s estimated 40,000 law enforcement personnel throughout the state.

Taking the Lead on Officer Transparency and Accountability

State of New Hampshire (POST)

Developed in response to the Governor’s Executive Order on Law Enforcement, Accountability, Community and Transparency, Benchmark was selected to implement a statewide capture of employment, training and disciplinary history — across 200+ law enforcement agencies.

In partnership with the state’s POST Council, we offer a configurable Learning Management System (LMS) designed to meet the unique needs and complexities of all statewide agencies — with fully automated certification management.

New Hampshire State Logo New Hampshire State Logo

Advancing Internal Affairs Tracking and Reporting

State of New Hampshire (DOC)

In part due to Benchmark’s work with New Hampshire POST, the New Hampshire Department of Corrections selected the Benchmark Management System® as the systemwide platform for Internal Affairs, Use of Force and Performance Evaluation.

This comprehensive project also includes utilization of our Learning Management System (LMS) to track all mandatory yearly training for every officer within the department.

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Delivering Training and Tracking Results

State of Virginia

The Commonwealth of Virginia’s training and standards organization, the Department of Criminal Justice Services, selected Benchmark Analytics to implement a customized statewide training management system.

Benchmark is set to implement a Learning Management System (LMS) to deliver and track training to the more than 20,000 law enforcement agents through the state.

State Agency Virginia Map Image State Agency Virginia Map Image

Aiming for a Comprehensive, More Effective Data Infrastructure

State of Texas

Benchmark Analytics was selected by Texas 2036 – a non-profit organization – to develop a research and analysis report that evaluates the efficacy of the systems, training and processes of the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE).

By identifying significant gaps in police officer data collection, these findings will enable TCOLE to develop data-driven strategies for a long-term plan to improve public transparency, trust and safety in law enforcement.

Read the full report here.

State of Texas Map State of Texas Map

Certification Tracking and Learning Management Compliance

State of Maryland

The Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services (DPSCS) selected Benchmark Analytics to implement a new statewide Certification Management and Learning System (CMLS).

Maryland’s Police Accountability Act of 2021(Senate Bill 626) requires, among other items, that the Maryland Police Training and Standards Commission track and maintain both law enforcement training and the certifications/de-certifications throughout the State.

State Agency Maryland Map Logo State Agency Maryland Map Logo

Enlisting an Enterprise Approach for Personnel Management

State of Florida

The Florida Department of Corrections (DOC) selected Benchmark for a new systemwide, enterprise approach to their personnel management infrastructure. The partnership replaces multiple disparate legacy systems through the use of Benchmark Management System® and First Sign® Early Intervention — for tracking and reporting use of force incidents and Inspector General (IG) investigations, training delivery and management, and officer support and wellness.

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Ensuring Integrity Through Internal Affairs Tracking and Reporting

State of Delaware

The Delaware Department of Corrections (DOC) selected Benchmark Analytics to be the systemwide provider for tracking and managing Internal Affairs incidents.

Delaware DOC – which includes over 2,300 correctional officers, probation officers, and support staff across 20 different facilities – is fully accredited by the American Correctional Association (ACA).

Creating Impact Through Data Collection and Analysis

State of Connecticut

Through the University of Connecticut Institute for Municipal and Regional Policy (IMRP) – and as a result of the Connecticut Racial Profiling Prohibition Project – Benchmark was enlisted by the state to centralize data intake and automate profiling analysis of traffic stop data from approximately 125 agencies across the state and representing over 1.3 million data records.

The IMRP is a unique institution that aspires to be a respected and visible presence throughout the State of Connecticut — known for its ability to promote, develop and implement just, effective public policy

University of Connecticut Map University of Connecticut Map