Our Mission

To transform police force management through an all-in-one, enterprise management and early intervention system that provides a holistic view of every officer — in police departments of every size.

Our Vision

To elevate policing in America with an advanced research-based, data-driven early intervention system that creates a healthy, strong and productive policing culture committed to upholding the honor of the badge.

Core Tenets

Benchmark is passionate about being your partner in elevating performance in policing across America. Our goal is to advance the productivity, integrity and reputation of your agency by putting Benchmark’s four core tenets to work for you and your team.

Transform and consolidate police force management

Benchmark offers agencies a holistic, single-source enterprise system designed to capture key data relevant to officer performance, support and recognition – as well as streamline command-chain reviews – with a modular platform configured to your specific needs.

Revolutionize and minimize risk management in policing

Benchmark has developed a first-of-its-kind tool built from evidence-based research and advanced data analytics that advances early intervention … and lowers your exposure to rising police liability costs.

Advance officer career paths and department goals

Benchmark is committed to a more proactive framework for police administration that identifies off-track behavior, supports officers who have fallen off track, significantly improves overall officer performance — and promotes on-going professional development and growth.

Serve the communities you protect more effectively

Benchmark believes better policing demands mutual respect, understanding and thoughtful interaction between police professionals and the communities they serve — working together in a well-balanced alliance that honors the viewpoint of all parties.