Benchmark Analytics® was founded by a group of dedicated professionals who have years of experience in policing . . . and because we’ve served in law enforcement we know how important it is to uphold the honor of the badge.

We also understand the power of data and analytics in advancing workforce management — we have a proven track record developing cutting-edge, data-driven platforms that are grounded in research and fueled by high-level, evidence-based analytics. In collaboration with our research partners, Benchmark has developed an all-in-one solution to advance police force management.

The initial impetus for creating Benchmark was the knowledge that policing in America is at a crossroads:

  • Police force management technology has not evolved in many municipalities
  • Community-police relationships and trust need improvement
  • Misconduct settlements have escalated over 50% since 2010 — costing taxpayers millions of dollars every year

Benchmark believes that police wellness at the department, unit and officer levels is critical — now more than ever before.

Officers who are off track are not given the attention and care they need at the time they really need it. What’s more, officers on track are often not given the recognition they deserve on a timely basis.

Fortunately, we know that much of the research, data and corrective tactics for addressing problematic behavior currently exist. However, today’s marketplace is fragmented with companies providing solutions that address only specific areas of police force administration and risk management.

Benchmark has developed a revolutionary, all-in-one solution

Our fully automated, software-enabled system features three analytics-driven, integrated platforms that closes the gaps in the marketplace and provides a holistic, low-risk management system with early indicators designed to:

  • Recognize, reward and retain officers exhibiting exceptional performance . . . with a fast-track plan of action for advancement
  • Identify officers exhibiting problematic behavior and flag areas in need of improvement — as well as provide them with a corrective action plan to get them back on track

Along with our consortium of esteemed research partners, highly regarded policing thought leaders and world-class technology developers, we are proud to present The Benchmark Blueprint for advanced police force management.