Be a Leader in the Quest to Reclaim Public Trust

There’s never been a more critical mandate for societal change — giving you the unique opportunity to step up and make a fundamental difference. It takes moral courage and thoughtful, strong leadership to engage in real, meaningful dialogue on police reform.

Benchmark Analytics® offers the only systematic, evidence-based, early warning and intervention solution for agencies of all sizes. Learn how First Sign® Early Intervention can help you track and proactively identify problematic officer behavior, regain the trust of everyone you serve — and restore the honor of the badge.


Elevate Your Agency’s Performance

The Only Research-Driven, Evidence-Based Early Warning and Intervention Solution

In Partnership with the University of Chicago

Our Holistic Approach to Personnel Management, Early Intervention and Customized Support for Law Enforcement

BMS | Benchmark <br> Management System<sup>®</sup>
BMS | Benchmark
Management System®

Capture all officer performance data

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First Sign<sup>®</sup> <br>Early Intervention
First Sign®
Early Intervention

Analyze data for
early intervention

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C.A.R.E. | Case Action <br> Response Engine<sup>®</sup>
C.A.R.E. | Case Action
Response Engine®

Provide customized officer support

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Informed by Real-World Experiences and
Best Practices of Public Service Leaders

“The problem we have in many police departments is the variety of systems being used to capture important data . . . the ability to store it all in one place to avoid information silos.

One-stop shopping that can pull all these pieces together, help understand the relationship between data points — and better serve not just police, but the citizens we serve as well.”

Charles H. Ramsey
Benchmark Founding Board Member

Chief of Police in Washington, D.C. 1998-2006,
Police Commissioner of Philadelphia 2008-2016,
Co-Chair of the Task Force on 21st Century Policing