Be a Leader in the Quest to Reclaim Public Trust

There’s never been a more critical mandate for societal change — giving you the unique opportunity to step up and make a fundamental difference. It takes moral courage and thoughtful, strong leadership to engage in real, meaningful dialogue on police reform.

Benchmark Analytics® offers the only systematic, evidence-based, early warning and intervention solution for agencies of all sizes. Learn how First Sign® Early Intervention can help you track and proactively identify problematic officer behavior, regain the trust of everyone you serve, and restore the honor of the badge.


Elevate Your Agency’s Performance

The Only Research-Driven, Evidence-Based Early Warning and Intervention Solution

In Partnership with the University of Chicago

Our Holistic Approach to Personnel Management, Early Intervention and Customized Support for Law Enforcement

BMS | Benchmark <br> Management System<sup>®</sup>
BMS | Benchmark
Management System®

Capture all officer performance data

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First Sign<sup>®</sup> <br>Early Intervention
First Sign®
Early Intervention

Analyze data for
early intervention

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C.A.R.E. | Case Action <br> Response Engine<sup>®</sup>
C.A.R.E. | Case Action
Response Engine®

Provide customized officer support

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Informed by Real-World Experiences and
Best Practices of Public Service Leaders

“The problem we have in many police departments is the variety of systems being used to capture important data…the ability to store it all in one place to avoid information silos.

One-stop shopping that can pull all these pieces together, help understand the relationship between data points — and better serve not just police, but the citizens we serve as well.”

Charles H. Ramsey
Benchmark Founding Board Member

Chief of Police in Washington, D.C. 1998-2006,
Police Commissioner of Philadelphia 2008-2016,
Co-Chair of the Task Force on 21st Century Policing