Ready to learn more about the ONLY research-based EIS in policing?

At Benchmark Analytics®, we have developed an advanced early intervention system that can predict 85% of all major adverse investigations before they even happen — offering a fundamental shift in how you manage police force accountability and support officer wellness. Our groundbreaking First Sign® Early Intervention solution:

  • Delivers the most precise, predictive and powerful tool for identifying at-risk officers truly in need of intervention
  • Employs high-level data analytics that exposes the 71% fallacy rate of officers flagged for off-track behavior of standard EIS platforms
  • Provides an advanced EIS developed in partnership with the University of Chicago — facilitated by the world’s largest database on officer performance
  • And, offers a support plan to help at-risk officers who have fallen off track get back on track we call C.A.R.E. | Case Action Response Engine®

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