A Transformational Public Sector LMS
to Enable 21st Century Workforce Skills

Benchmark Analytics® – an innovative leader in organizational management and training solutions – offers a research-driven, content-curated learning management system (LMS) for the broader government space.

We are partially owned by the University of Chicago and supported by The Joyce Foundation to accelerate research, policy and best practices. Benchmark eLearning works with a consortium of world-class, content-rich contributors that delivers the best-in-class, most advanced eLearning offerings.

Our dynamic, 360° LMS approach is designed to address the unique complexities and training needs of a full spectrum of city, county and state organizations. Join us in our mission to empower entire organizations like yours with 21st century workforce skills.

Public-Sector Roots. Workforce Development Expertise.

The Benchmark eLearning team has deep experience in developing highly sophisticated, evidenced-based software applications. We have created an elegant, user-friendly LMS platform that meets the unique and complex training needs of government employees.

Our lineup of thought leaders is grounded in years of experience in government operations, policymaking, education, professional development and eLearning proficiency. Their expertise includes research and data analytics, software architecture and design, research-based content curation — along with highly skilled platform configuration, implementation and customer support.

At Benchmark, we have the credentials, values, expertise and strategic ingenuity to get your workforce 21st century-ready.

The Benchmark eLearning Differentiator:
Curated Content-as-a-Service™

We have learned that the key to the most successful LMS outcomes is research-driven, evidenced-based eLearning content. Equally important, the most effective LMS is one that engages your employees in a way that inspires them, elevates their skills and improves their performance in meaningful, measurable ways.

Benchmark’s enterprising LMS strategy employs Curated Content-as-a-Service™ (C-CaaS) as our unique, breakthrough process for enabling 21st century workforce skills in the workplace. Here’s how our dynamic process works:

Meet to understand and assess your current training program and compliance needs — as well as the level of workforce skills.

Set eLearning objectives to comply with your training guidelines and address specific areas in need improvement.

Assign a Benchmark C-CaaS team of research-driven content curators to identify and deploy content that meets your objectives — accessing our robust library of eLearning offerings.

Collaborate with your employee development team to configure and implement our customized LMS platform to meet your unique needs.

Evaluate your LMS content regularly to track performance, obtain feedback and make informed adjustments to evolve and advance your offerings.

The Demand for 21st Century Workforce Skills

By advancing workforce skills to meet today’s ever-evolving workplace, employees increase their capabilities to manage their responsibilities efficiently and effectively — and employers strengthen their internal groups to develop, grow and lead their organization.

Benchmark eLearning has adapted the evidence-based 21st Century Workforce Skills model to serve as a roadmap for partnering with agencies to create a thoughtful, curated content plan that will elevate your employee skill sets – and measurably improve performance levels – to better meet the needs and goals of your agency.

Delivers content to develop the mental processes necessary to adapt and improve upon today’s ever-changing work environment.

  • Observation
  • Evaluation
  • Explanation
  • Decision Making
  • Analytic Reflection
  • Open-Minded Problem Solving
  • Curiosity
  • Resilience
  • Empathy
  • Brainstorming
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Listening
  • Verbal/Non-Verbal
  • Writing
  • Presentation

Provides content that advances skills at discerning facts, differentiating publishing outlets and understanding technology.

  • Discover
  • Examine
  • Assess
  • Apply
  • Identify Types
  • Discern Messaging
  • Evaluate
  • Validate
  • Understand Types
  • Master Usage
  • Integrate
  • Communicate

Features content that cultivates the more intangible elements of an individual’s daily interactions — both personal and professional.

  • Capacity to Change
  • Willingness to be Responsive
  • Ability to Respond
  • Innovative Thinking
  • Creativity
  • Problem Solving
  • Proactive Behavior
  • Empathy
  • Cooperation
  • Verbal, written and nonverbal communications
  • Listening
  • Time Management
  • Stress Control
  • Clear Communications
  • Solid Decision-Making
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Planning/Delivery
  • Persuasion
  • Change Management

Elevate Skills. Improve Performance. Promote Professional Growth.

Benchmark eLearning offers a state-of-the-art, mobile-responsive platform for today’s changing workplace. We are positioned to collaboratively elevate your agency’s performance by efficiently and effectively developing your workforce.

Our strategic, dynamic vs. static solution
allows your organization to:

  • Work with an experienced, research-informed Benchmark C-CaaS team to assess and recommend specific content to meet your workforce goals
  • Have access to a wealth of content-rich, evidence-based eLearning opportunities offered by our world-class content providers
  • Implement an elegant, custom-curated and configured LMS platform designed by Benchmark eLearning
  • Seamlessly manage, assign and monitor eLearning courses, exams, video-based training sessions, SCORM standards — and more
  • Create reports to help track and evaluate all LMS activities and employee credential requirements
  • Lower risk of non-compliance by timely communication and implementation of training mandates


And, when you partner with Benchmark eLearning, we meet on a regular basis to review and analyze iterative learnings in order to evolve and enhance your platform – insuring your workforce is always 21st century-ready.