Benchmark Analytics®
Training Management System

Elevate Your Agency’s Performance

Benchmark Analytics understands and respects the national dialogue on police reform — as well as the sincere commitments that agencies across the country are making to respond to proposed changes to training, education and accreditation requirements.

With the Benchmark Training Management System, you can employ a next-generation TMS designed to meet the unique needs, demands and complexities of municipal, county and state law enforcement agencies. Our advanced platform provides the best learning management functionality available today . . . with robust law enforcement-specific workflow configuration and administration.

TMS User Experience

Welcome to the Officer’s Training Hub — a dashboard designed with a straightforward, intuitive and user-friendly interface in mind. Announcements are prominently displayed, action items are highlighted and the officer’s most recently accessed courses are posted for review and adjustments. There are additional tabs that can be engaged as well:

  • Calendar/List — shows all scheduled courses, live events and courses available to self-register by preferred format and time frame
  • Available Training — displays a full course catalog for officers, with in-depth course data, which can be filtered and tailored for individuals, divisions and units
  • My Training — includes status of all courses being taken by officers . . . as well as tracks all training hours and assessment scores
  • My Certifications — manages internal/external certifications and provides reminders ahead of all expiration dates
  • My Transcript — details an officer’s entire digital training transcript including target completion/expiration dates, training hours and assessment scores
  • Discussions — provides opportunity for real-time interaction and questions/replies between course mates and instructors

Creating a Course

Our comprehensive TMS platform supports content creation in almost any medium meeting SCORM technical standards — including external links to public eLearning websites, YouTube, POST-specific resources, webinars via Zoom and a robust library of additional video courses. It allows administrators, trainers and supervisors to:

  • Plan a full series of courses to be compiled into a single learning curriculum
  • Design, title and upload customized courses utilizing a list of Advanced Options — useful in allowing training to be tailored for specialized units
  • Include links, attachments, images and course thumbnails . . . along with training length, registration and expiration dates
  • Distribute course-specific resources such as handouts, schedules and agendas
  • Incorporate full stand-alone exams, tests, quizzes and surveys . . . as well as track evaluations and assessments
  • Generate review/feedback notifications for instructors, managers and students — including automated reminders for upcoming or overdue training

Course Registration Management

This section of our TMS allows administrators to manage and review all course registrations. The home page features a complete list of active training courses — which can be filtered by course or certification types and searchable by text, relevance or other criteria. Once a course is reviewed for content and selected for assignment, you can:

  • Add both sworn and civilian personnel users via name search or ID number, view rosters and make edits
  • Assign entire agency, division, specialized unit or target group to a course at one time
  • Publish assigned roster for the course — along with any attachments or images
  • Send bulk communications, notifications or updates to all or selected users on roster via email prompt
  • Change individual user status as required . . . e.g., Withdrawn, In Progress, Passed

Officer Certifications Administration

This TMS engine provides portals for both individual officers and administrators to manage and maintain all certifications of your agency’s police pool. Features include:

  • Listing of completed certifications, detail of courses required and supporting learning materials available
  • Review of training hours completed, skill level and requirements fulfilled — as well as ability to print out certificate awarded
  • Ability to upload proof of certifications completed outside of the department — with details necessary for administrative review
  • Configuration of administrator workflow and chain-of-command process established for approval of external certifications
  • Automatic notifications at specified intervals to ensure no lapses in certifications

Training Reports

Benchmark’s TMS reporting and analytics engine offers a wealth of information, menu of reports, and analyses from different perspectives. Every report in the system is dynamic, interactive, real-time — and can be filtered, customized and exported. There are a variety of dashboards that can be accessed for examination, including:

  • eLearning Course Overview — shows agency’s TMS course status and completion data in a format that can be filtered by divisions, units, ranks and individual officers
  • Specific Course Dashboard — allows users to “Subscribe” to review data, select filters and schedule automated report printing or emailing to designated parties
  • Individual Officer Training — displays all training information for a single officer for inspection by his/her direct supervisor or commander such as course history, results of courses completed, current course schedule, etc.