Benchmark Analytics Launches Risk Solutions Business

Benchmark Analytics Launches Risk Solutions Business

Chicago, IL – (September 28, 2021) Benchmark Analytics® – the only provider of research-driven, evidence-based police force management software and early intervention analytics for law enforcement agencies throughout the U.S. – has launched its transformative Risk Solutions product suite.

Benchmark Risk Solutions™ is the first-of-its-kind risk management platform to employ evidence-based risk analytics, advanced predictive modeling, and proven loss-control interventions to mitigate law enforcement liability and workers’ compensation risk. Public risk pool professionals, municipal risk managers, law enforcement command staff, and reinsurance providers can improve outcomes with Benchmark Risk Solutions. Our lineup of offerings proactively assesses law enforcement-related risk, identifies loss-control actions and proven interventions to mitigate underlying risk drivers — and measures the effectiveness of loss-control over time.

The mission of Benchmark Risk Solutions is to stem the tide of exponentially escalating law enforcement-related incidents, settlement costs and insurance premiums in policing today. Our proprietary solutions are designed to meet the needs of every insurance strategy, better control costs — and, ultimately, achieve greater financial stability for the communities being served.

Steve Brewer recently joined Benchmark Analytics to launch and lead this business. Steve brings nearly two decades of experience driving the creation and commercialization of insurance risk products for quoting, underwriting, loss control, and claims management. Steve architected the formation and growth of CoreLogic’s Insurance Risk Analytics division — now the industry’s strategic partner of choice for property risk assessment, valuation, catastrophic modeling, and digital claims and underwriting workflow solutions.

Under Steve’s leadership, the Benchmark Risk Solutions team will partner with law enforcement insurers of all categories and our esteemed associates in the National Police Early Intervention and Outcomes Research Consortium to deliver advanced predictive insights that will set the new industry standard for law enforcement risk management and improve outcomes at a critical time in policing.


About Benchmark Analytics Benchmark Analytics, in collaboration with our renowned research partners led by the University of Chicago, as well as analytic specialists and world-class technology developers, has created the only evidence-based police force management and early intervention system available today. This proprietary, all-in-one solution captures and aggregates all officer performance data in an easy-to-use, software-enabled system; analyzes it for early, preventative intervention; and provides customized officer support with specific case action plans. Benchmark Analytics is supported by the National Police Early Intervention and Outcomes Research Consortium, chaired by the University of Chicago and supported by the Joyce Foundation. For more information, visit