State and Local Governments

Complaints Policies
and Process

Provide assistance to LEA in developing a consistent and effective civilian complaint process.

Use-of-Force Policy
and Procedures

Evaluation and recommendations regarding a LEA’s UOF policies and post-force procedures.

Use-of-Force Investigation
and Review

Evaluate or monitor use of force investigations and/or reviews.

Internal Investigations
Policy and Procedures

Evaluation and recommendations re: LEA’s internal/administrative investigation policies and procedures.

Internal Investigation Review

Review, evaluate or monitor internal investigations and evaluations.

Intervention Resources

Evaluation of intervention resources that LEA currently offers and recommendations for new options

EI Systems and
Intervention processes

Evaluate and provide assistance re: EIS policies, EIS indicators and EIS processes.

Intervention Efficacy

Evaluate efficacy of interventions offered by a LEA to its officers.

Risk Audit

An examination of the effectiveness of the identification of, root causes, and the response to risk.

Risk Management Policy
and Process

Provide assistance in developing risk management policies and processes.

LEA Governance

Provide assistance to LEA in developing agency governance assets and procedures (e.g. critical incident review, leadership skill development).
  • Supervision
  • Assignments
  • Org. goals
  • Leadership development
  • Leadership training
  • Access & decision rights

Accountability Systems

Evaluation and recommendations of a jurisdiction’s accountability policies and procedures.

LEA Feedback Systems

Provide assistance to LEA in developing procedures to receive meaningful feedback from officers and community members.