Areas of Police Practices Consulting

Technical Assistance

Our team provides technical assistance to our clients to provide in-depth, data-informed solutions for creative, cost-effective support to law enforcement agencies, state and local government and liability risk pools. We will help assess gaps, challenges, and needs and then help identify a range of responses to address the identified issues. We’ll also develop a plan for sustainable change and then design the implementation plan as well as the pathway for effective problem-solving going forward.


Our team provides top-to-bottom assessments of the outcomes of a wide range of law enforcement agency systems — including body-worn camera policy, use of force and critical incident review processes as well as civilian complaint intake systems. Our deep dive into your data and then understanding how it translates into everyday actions means that our evaluations will make your department more effective and responsive.

Performance Audit

Our team provides objective analyses so that law enforcement agency leadership, and those charged with its governance and oversight, can use the information gleaned to improve performance and operations, reduce costs, and facilitate decision-making by parties with responsibility to oversee or initiate corrective action.

Compliance Audit

Many states and locales are experiencing landmark regulatory changes from transparency requirements, traffic and pedestrian stop data collection, to new use-of- force standards. Benchmark Analytics’ compliance audits provide comprehensive reviews of a law enforcement agency’s adherence with such laws and regulations, as well as court orders and settlement agreements. Our experience ranges from individual critical incident review to broader compliance assessments that cover the full breadth of your accountability and workforce management infrastructure.


The ongoing close observation of a jurisdiction or law enforcement agency to determine its implementation of – and compliance with – a court order, settlement agreement or other enforceable set of requirements.