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Managing Complexity with
Evidence-Based Models

Today’s government leaders and those who work with them deal with unprecedented complexity. They are regularly asked to make complicated decisions with limited information that forces them, at times, to act on gut instinct instead of data and evidence-based research. More and more, advanced technology can be used to capture and contextualize this massive amount of related data to inform the decision-making process.

At Benchmark Analytics, we’ve built a state-of-the-art platform in partnership with the University of Chicago. Benchmark Management System® and First Sign® Early Intervention use these models to help leaders understand and manage complex situations. Our evidence-based consulting practice complements these tools by offering an unparalleled combination of knowledge, experience and data-driven analysis. We align to four areas of practice: Technical Assistance, Evaluation, Audit (Performance and Compliance), and Monitoring. Informed by leadership experience in various government roles, we work with law enforcement agencies, state and local governments and insurance groups to develop policies, processes and plans for initiatives ranging from developing new governance models to reviewing the efficacy of current investigative practices.

Police Practices Consulting supports the mission of Benchmark Analytics through the delivery of data-driven solutions and evidence-based insights to improve police management and officer performance.

Law Enforcement Agencies

A current review of police reforms across the country demonstrates lasting change is only possible if police executives can build a consensus – regardless of the policy or practice ultimately chosen. Even if the top-down nature of policing lends itself to rapid change, oftentimes the absence of collaborative input means change is short-lived or falls short of community expectations.

In our experience, sustainable change is difficult without effective buy-in from community members and other key constituents. Collectively, we have spent decades bringing stakeholders to a consensus on new governance models and reforms. Members of our team were at the forefront of implementing body-worn cameras in major cities and designing use-of-force review systems that have led to fair outcomes benefitting all stakeholders.

We recognize the importance of bringing external stakeholders into the discussion – from communities who often feel ignored to officers who often believe they aren’t being heard.

We have a deep understanding of how modern law enforcement agencies operate. We’ve worked with budget constraints and felt the scrutiny of the public. But we’ve also seen momentous change realized. From day one, everything we’ve learned about aligning existing processes, facilitating stakeholder input and implementing new technology will be brought to bear on behalf of your agency.


State and Local Government

When citizens perceive a disconnect between law enforcement and the community, they turn to representatives in state and local government for answers. Often, civic leaders – from city council members to city managers – can quickly find themselves under pressure to take immediate steps to reform police departments. At these moments, it is important to supplement the voice of active citizens with experts who have studied and implemented reform efforts. Having this independent voice in the room can be critical to ensuring desired reforms not only sound good in theory but work in practice.

The right balance is a characteristic of reform efforts that withstand the test of time and lead to long-term change with the buy-in of all stakeholders. Benchmark not only has the expertise to support change efforts, but our validated research base can be leveraged to inform these critical conversations and decisions.

Our approach to resolving these complex situations springs from decades of public service experience. Working with your team, we can help you bring diverse stakeholders together to work towards a collaboratively generated solution. We help you decide the correct type of solution to apply to the situation. Whether it’s implementing a new technology, writing new policy, implementing new governance structures or a combination of all of the above.


Risk Pools and Insurers

Insurance exists to help manage the unexpected. Advances in computing power have made it possible to determine the probability of unexpected events. We use our validated research base to help risk pools and insurers develop the most effective coverage for the law enforcement agencies on their plans — particularly in areas such as use of force, vehicle accidents, workers comp and other factors in personnel management. Helping to assess risk is the foundation of Benchmark’s services to the risk pool market.

Whether it’s a new municipality or one of your current clients, we can help you identify and track indicators that illuminate risk. Our team can help you conduct a Risk Audit to provide an objective valuation of risk levels and compliance gaps across your members or policy holders. Our technology is designed to reduce the likelihood of critical incidents like officer-involved shootings and other potentially litigious interactions that can lead to large settlements.

Beyond that, if and when a critical event does occur, we work with partners in insurance and risk to ensure that the right infrastructure is in place to reduce the size of payouts.